The build up of Early Classic Enterprises’ latest project truck is in full swing, and this month we are following along as Project Heavy Hauler gets new rear sheetmetal. For those who are new to this project, we’ve been following along as the crew at ECE has taken this well-worn '71 Chevy C20 camper special and installed a new 3/4-to 1/2-ton conversion suspension and rear air spring setup. Along the way, the crew has also cut down the longbed chassis to shortbed dimensions, and installed one of the company’s new stainless rear fuel tanks.
     This month, we’ll cover the assembly and installation of ECE’s new reproduction shortbed kit on Project Heavy Hauler.

1: Here you go, one bed in a box! For years now, a clean ‘67-’72 GM Fleetside shortbed has been one of the hardest items to find. To make life a little easier, Early Classic now offers this ‘68-’72 shortbed kit that comes with virtually everything needed to install.  For less than $3,000, you can add a brand new bed to your truck.

2&3: To begin the assembly process, the bed sides were bolted to the head gate to form the front of the bed. The bottom lip of the head gate is slightly lower on the wood floor compared to the steel floor. While it is possible to modify a steel floor head gate to fit the wood , most original head gates have sustained some type of damage over the years and need to be replaced.