hen it comes to '60-72 Chevy and GMC C-series trucks, there seems to be more myth than fact regarding the rear suspension systems. While some trucks came from the factory with rear leaf springs, others have coil springs and trailing arms. We’ve heard numerous stories over the years, and to help clear things up, we visited the experts at Early Classic Enterprises in Fresno California. Dave Clark and his crew have been building suspension components for the '60-72 GM trucks for close to a decade, and

their wealth of knowledge and experience is priceless.
     We quizzed them in detail about the different chassis and suspension configurations, and here’s a run down the facts:
Prior to 1959, all GM light trucks were only available with a rear leaf spring suspension. Starting with the 1960 model year, General Motors completely redesigned their light truck line, and GM engineers came up with a simple, yet revolutionary trailing arm design.