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C-10 2½" Drop & Stock Spindle 5/6 Lug Disc Brake Conversion Kits
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There are no federal standards for replacement automotive friction materials. When you buy brakes, you’re buying the standards of a company along with the good will and respect earned by a brand name manufacturer.

Raybestos has stood for quality in braking since 1902 and they are the exclusive supplier to Early Classic for calipers, friction and master cylinders in every kit we sell. While others in the industry choose foreign suppliers for their parts, our company philosophy has always been American-Made quality and dependability over foreign-made cost savings, insuring our customers trouble free braking for years to come.

Raybestos is so sure of their commitment to quality that they extend a limited lifetime warranty on their brake products. Ask your Early Classic salesperson for complete details.

One word of caution when shopping for brakes: Half-ton trucks require Half-ton brakes! General Motors engineered the '71 and newer C-10 trucks with a much larger disc brake spindle that utilizes a 12" brake rotor, along with much larger diameter wheel bearings. Although it’s possible to adapt smaller passenger car parts to fit onto the stock drum brake spindle, you will never achieve the proper stopping power using these types of components on a C-10 truck. We’ve designed every Early Classic Spindle to accept standard GM ½ ton brake components, so replacement parts are readily available at your local auto parts store.

Every Kit Comes Complete With Master Cylinder, Proportioning Valve, Brake Lines, Brake Hoses, Calipers, Pads, Rotors, Bearings, Seals, Dust Shields, Dust Caps, Castle Nuts, Slotted Washers, Banjo Bolts, and All necessary Hardware and Brackets.(MAY NOT WORK WITH ORIGINAL '60-'70 STOCK WHEELS)