Anyone even remotely involved in the classic truck hobby can appreciate the popularity of '67-'72 Chevy and GMC trucks these days. With the growing demand, it's easy to see why it's becoming so hard to find a decent C-10 shortbed truck.  This lack of supply has stirred the creativity among us.  Folks are beginning to buy clean C-20 ¾-ton trucks that are in nice shape and swapping out the eight-lug suspension for the five-lug suspension.  Some are even shortening their long wheelbase frames to make them into short beds.
   Early Classic Enterprises, the company that brought us the original classic truck C-10 drop spindle, has once again set the standard with it's new C-20 to C-10 conversion spindle and lowering kit.  Designed and manufactured to accept the original C-20 tie rods and ball joints, these spindles make converting from eight-lug to five-lug a simple bolt-on affair.
   ECE offers several different designs for the various models of '60-'87 C-20 trucks, along with the necessary disc brake conversion kits for the '70-and-earlier drum brake-model trucks.
   Follow along as we show the transformation of a '71 C-20 long bed camper special to a short bed street cruiser.

The Early Classic front-end lowering components being installed consist of
¾-ton-to-½-ton conversion drop spindles and a pair of 1-inch drop coil springs for a 3½-inch total drop.  The 12-inch cross-drilled five-lug rotors were chosen for their great stopping ability, and they look cool too.  A sway bar kit and a pair of KYB gas shocks were thrown in to enhance handling characteristics.