In last October's issue, Early Classic began a series of conversions to it's pickup with the installation of the new C20 to C10 conversion spindle and lowering kit.  Now with the front-end kit complete, it's time to deal with the rear suspension.  But before the install could begin, another dilemma surfaced.
     The C10 five-lug rear-end that was acquired to replace the monster Dana 60 eight-lug unit was found to be in poor condition. This caused only a slight delay as it needed to be overhauled and updated before the rear lowering kit could be installed.
 A short trip to Fearless Gear in Fresno, and the rear-end problems were solved. Unexpected surprises are common with any project, but the upside is that the new rear-end is fresh and updated with all of the best components available, thanks to Vince Parisi and his crew at Fearless Gear.
     We hope to continue with more modifications to this truck, so watch for additional tech features in the future.


1, 2, & 3: Fresh from the local swap meet, this ‘71-’72 five-lug rear-end assembly appeared to be complete, and the seller claimed it was fine before it was removed from the truck. Upon inspection, several chipped teeth were discovered, along with severe backlash and wear on the gears. After this discovery, a complete overhaul and upgrade were in order. The axle shafts, carrier, and pinion gears were removed and the housing boiled out to provide a clean starting point.