As much as we love our classic trucks, they simply are not as quiet inside as newer vehicles.  Much of the problem stems from worn-out window weather-stripping and seals, which allows air to pass through the door and window edges into the cab while traveling down the highway.  Factor in years of use and abuse to the window and latch mechanisms, and it all adds up to a less-than-pleasurable driving experience.
     Rubber weather-stripping has a shorter life span than most components, but over the years, both the window regulators and door-latch mechanisms slowly wear out too.  Fortunately, just about everything needed to rebuild the doors is available in the aftermarket these days.
     We stopped to visit the crew at Early Classic Enterprises recently and followed along as they rebuilt the door assemblies on a '72 Suburban.  The steps of the rebuild process are basically the same for all the '60-72 truck doors.

These are all of the components that will be replaced on the Suburban's doors.  Although ECE offers all the components to rebuild the original vent window assemblies, they have found that, in many cases, it's much easier and less frustrating to replace the whole assembly with these pre-assembles ones.  The window regulators are usually found to be worn out and need replacing.  Remember that not every truck needs each component replaced.  Depending on the mileage and condition, you may only need to replace individual parts in your doors.

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