One of the most annoying aspects of many older vehicles is door sag and alignment problems.  This problem is generally caused by worn-out hinge pins and bushings due to wear over the years.  Every time you open the door, it drops down slightly, and closing it requires you to slam the door to latch it all the way.  In most cases, this dilemma can be solved by simply replacing the pins and bushings in the door hinges.  The rebuild process isn't very difficult.  The hardest part will be removing the hinges and getting the doors re-aligned after the hinges have been rebuilt.  We were able to witness just how easy this rebuild was recently while we were at Early Classic Enterprises, and we watched them go through a set on a '65 Chevy C10.

1. To replace the hinge pins and bushings, the door must first be removed from the truck to allow for access.
Generally, the paint covering the hinge bolts provides a mark to re-align the door during reinstallation.

2. The door check retainer also needs to be disconnected and should be replaced if necessary.

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