Over the last few issues, we have showcased the installation of Early Classic Enterprises' new C-20 to C-10 conversion spindles and front drop kit.  In the Dec. '02 issue, a C-10 rear axle was overhauled and made ready for air suspension.
     This month we will show the installation of Early Classic Enterprises' rear air suspension kit and new wheel and tire combination.  The Camper Special turned street cruiser will soon be ready to hit the
pavement again.  And we hope to continue with coverage of the modifications that will give this sedate truck a much more spirited personality.  We hope some of these installation tips will help you when it comes time to get your own projects rolling for plenty of fun-time cruisin'.

1: The Early Classic air suspension kit and rear end resemble a giant model kit, but surprisingly took less than an afternoon to install. While the rear end was at Fearless Gear getting a complete overhaul, Early Classic Enterprises' Mark Ansted performed a little magic, cleaning and painting the rear frame section and trailing arms.