While there are many ways to lower the front of your '65 to '72 Chevy truck, not many are available for the rear end in a straightforward, bolt-on form. No doubt, mid-'60s-style trucks are growing in popularity. We're seeing more trick trucks on the streets and at the shows. Catering to this crowd is a shop in Fresno, California, known as Early Classic Enterprises. these guys literally eat, sleep and drink mid-'60s to '72 Chevy truck hop-ups, and guess what? They just released their new rear drop kit for these trucks.
   Sometimes you can just walk into a shop and know they mean business and aim to please. Such is the case with ECE. Their facility is ultra-clean and organized. Another thing about ECE is that they are all about integrity, quality and real-world testing of what they sell to the public. If it doesn't work, they won't sell it. Take their latest claim to fame, the '65-'72 rear lowering kit. It has been engineered as a direct, easy-to-bolt-on replacement system.
   Now you can drop your Chevy truck in the rear and keep a quality ride to boot. ECE developed its kit to provide a plush ride, improve suspension performance and still slam the tail end six inches. The system includes a longer Panhard bar and new upper and lower

shock mounts to correct the shock angle and travel.
It can be ordered with either ECE's six-inch, rear drop coils or their new air ride suspension system, which creates a lowered stance without sacrificing the ride or rear end geometry.
   Dave Clark, owner of Early Classic, explained that in order for an air spring rear suspension to ride and function properly, the proper size air bag must be utilized. This allows the system to run at a lower air pressure, giving a better ride when the truck isn't carrying a payload. Because of this engineering parameter,

ECE has incorporated their findings into an air bag system featuring an air piston that allows their kit to operate at a much lower air pressure, which eliminates the harsh and bouncy ride associated with generic air ride systems.
   You can see by the photos from the installation that Early Classic has developed a truly unique and easy-to-install rear lowering system for these popular trucks. So, if you're in the market to slam your hauler while keeping a smooth ride to boot, Early Classic Enterprises should be at the top of your list.