This Old Truck Revisited

        Reader response to the "This Old Truck" series which began in the September '97 issue of Chevy Truck has been incredible. There's no question that the completed '72 Chevrolet Cheyenne pickup is absolutely awesome, however we have to tell you Chevy Truck magazine didn't build the truck. To clear up any confusion, we want to put credit where credit is due. We're happy to tell you Early Classic Enterprises engineered and built the '72 at their facility in Fresno, California. Early Classic also supplied many of the products that were installed on the truck.
        Early Classic Enterprises carries an extensive inventory of reproduction, restoration and custom-engineered parts for '60-'72 Chevrolet and GMC trucks. To order parts for your '60-'72 truck or to request their new catalog available for free, call Early Classic Enterprises at (559) 291-1611 or write to them at 5843 E. Clinton, Fresno, CA 93727.