In addition to our new product lines, we have a rather extensive inventory of used parts and project vehicles available for sale.  Being located in sunny Central California, we have spent the last decade acquiring clean rust-free salvage vehicles.  We can supply excellent cabs, beds, front clips and frames to help accelerate your project and get you back on the road.  We also keep several project vehicles in inventory, so let us know what you're looking for, we may be able to help.

     Inventory changes on a weekly basis, so feel free to check with us often with your list of needed parts.

Here are some samples:


 68-72 Big Block Fan Shroud $125.00         


68 Grille with hood latch, parking lights, splash apron, and hood latch support

67-72 A/C Cabs





















1972 K-10 longbed frame. Also included are both front and rear axles, springs, PS box, SM 465 4 speed transmission and transfer case and rear driveshaft, $1500.00
1972 K-10 longbed frame view 1 1972 K-10 longbed frame view 2
1972 K-10 longbed frame view 3
1972 K-10 longbed frame view 4

1970 GMC radiator support. Excellent, rust free condition $300
1970 GMC radiator support view 1

1970 GMC radiator support view 2

69-72 E-Brake Pedal Assembly $30.00

 65-72 A/T Crossmember $59.00

67-72 Radio Delete Plate (missing 1 clip)

63-72 Upper Control Arms $75.00pr. or $40.00 ea.

67-72 Tall Hump Floor (no holes)  $60.00

67-72 Glove Box Door (no holes) $25.00 ea.


67-72 Backup Light Housing $8.00 ea. (no wiring)           67-72 Taillight Housing $15.00 ea.


                 67-72 Idler Arm Bracket $40.00          69-72 Intermediate Steering Shaft $75.00


67-72 4WD. Pitman Arm $40.00