Our Customer's Trucks




Javi Sanchez 72' GMC

Kevin Sondreal's '67

Jeff Ludois' '71

Randy McCoy's '64

Tim McColgan's '70

Greg Schmidt

Bill Keener

David Paniagua

Tim Rogers' Suburban

Bret Miller's '72

Frank Figgels' '69 C-10 Stepside

Dale Dupuis' Custom

Gene & Joy Haines' '71 Super Cheyenne

Rip Davis' '67 C-10 Fleetside Long Bed

Eric's '72 Chevy

Daymon and Brandon Burke's '66 Stepside

Huib Browers

Kirk Lane's '70 GMC

James Beidatsch's '63

John Shelton's '69

Billy Hall's '70 C-10

Tony Agosto Jr's '72 C-10

Danny Bennett's '72 Longbed

Keith Brantley's '67

Rick & Shelly Bruno's '64

Alex Bush' '72 Cheyenne

David Carter's '72 Cheyenne

David Chavez

Phillip Clark's '64 C-10

Tim Coble's '66 Custom Cab

Don Connelly's '72 Cheyenne

Bob Dean's '72 Super Cheyenne

Wes Evans' '66 GMC

Efren Flores' '72 Short Bed

Vern Fowler's '72 SWB

Mark Mazzanti's '72 2WD Blazer

John Patricolo's '72 Cheyenne

Jimmy Price's '72

Tom's ProTrucks

Steve Rich

James Rogers

Sam's '66 Fleetside

Nick's '66 Fleetside


Tim & Leah's '67 Chevy


If you'd like to showcase your classic truck, just e-mail or mail us some photographs of it along with a description of what you have on it. We'll get it posted right away!