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Dear Early Classic Enterprises Customers,

Early Classic is excited to announce we have joined the Holley family of brands. To all of our customers, we thank you tremendously for your continued patronage over the last 24 years and moving forward. You will soon be able to find all of your favorite Early Classic products, as well as new ones, at www.holley.com. Keep on Truckin’

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Dropping The Big Ship Part 2

Publication Name: 
Sport Truck
Publication Date: 
May, 2004

In the March issue, we followed along as the crew at Early Classic Enterprises converted the front of its new Project Suburban from a 3/4-ton work wagon to a 1/2-ton cruiser.  The company's new conversion drop spindles and brake components were easy to install, and simplified what used to be a complicated process

With the front complete, we will now turn our attention to the rear suspension.  The Early Classic rear air suspension kit is a complete system and includes KYB shocks, shock mount relocator brackets, 'bags, a compressor, lines, and the company's Super Track Bar kit.

Since the Early Classic air suspension kit is designed to run approximately 5-6 inches lower than stock, the factory Panhard bar would offset the rear axle to the left by close to 1 inch.  The company solves this problem with its Super Track Bar kit, which runs from the original left-hand mount over to a new bracket fixed between the rear axle saddle and the right-hand trailing arm.  This lowers the mounting point to correct the angle issues, and the bar is adjustable in length to center the axle between the frame rails.

The airbags have a 6,000-pound capacity per pair, so not only can you adjust your ride height, you can also tow virtually anything you desire.  Early Classic's VP and General Manager, Stan Hammond, did the honors of installing the kit.

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The Early Classic rear air suspension kit is as complete as they come, from the shock relocators, right down to the air fittings. The kit will lower your truck 6 inches more than stock, but still give you a nice ride. Plus, you won't have to worry about bottoming out every time you hook up a trailer, thanks to the adjustability of the 'bags.
With the Suburban on the lift and the behemoth eight-lug wheels removed, the shocks and u-bolts are the first parts to come off. The Early Classic lowering kit comes with all new shock mounts and hardware, so all of these old components will be replaced.
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