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Simple and Affordable Better Handling

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Classic Trucks
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January, 2003
Taking The Sway Away

Taking The Sway Away


Here is the complete Early Classic front sway bar kit. The heart of the package is the powder-coated 1 1/4-inch sway bar, a complete set of polygraphite bushings and mounting straps, the frame mount brackets and all necessary hardware to install.

Carving corners and taking twisties aren't the first thoughts that come to mind when thinking about most early truck handling characteristics, but that doesn't have to be the case. Let's face it, every Classic truck owner wants the maximum enjoyment level and driving performance out of their vehicle. We go to great lengths to update our suspension and braking systems, but sometimes overlook the obvious smaller details than can really make a big difference.
One of the easiest and least expensive handling upgrades is a front sway bar kit, and Early Classic Enterprises offers a stout design for 1963-'72 Chevy and GMC trucks. Designed to help eliminate the side to side body roll, their kit is a simple bolt on affair, with only a drill and simple hand tools required for installation.

Follow along as we show you how easy this upgrade is done on a 1966 C-10 truck.

How To Steps and Images: 
Following the instructions, the sway bar mounting holes are located and marked on the frame in relation to the front crossmember rivet. Once the front hole is drilled, the brackets can be installed to locate the rear mounting hole location.
mount brackets
Early Classic offers two different frame mount brackets, shown here. For lowered applications, the shorter mounts raise the front of the sway bar to help prevent hitting tall speed bumps and parking curbs. Since this truck also has the ECE front drop kit, the lowered mounts were chosen. When using this mount, the bolts for the sway bar mounting straps must be installed before the bracket is bolted to the frame.
After lubing the inner sleeves with the supplied marine grease, the new bushings are slipped onto the ends of the bar, and then bolted to the front leading edge of the lower control arms. GM offered a small factory sway bar as an option starting in late 1964, so the lower control arm mounting holes are utilized. 1963 and early ’64 models will require the lower control arm mounting holes to be drilled.
With the ends of the bar in place on the control arms, the front edge is lifted up against the lowered frame mount brackets and the bushings torqued to the supplied specification.
In less than an hour, this simple upgrade is finished! Everything needed to install is in the kit, including the Grade 8 hardware, marine grease and installation instructions.
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