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Dear Early Classic Enterprises Customers,

Early Classic is excited to announce we have joined the Holley family of brands. To all of our customers, we thank you tremendously for your continued patronage over the last 24 years and moving forward. You will soon be able to find all of your favorite Early Classic products, as well as new ones, at Keep on Truckin’

Your friends at Early Classic Enterprises

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Stan,here are some pictures of my 1966 chevy. I installed the Early Classic 4/6 drop kit and the disk brake conversion kit. Everything I needed to do the job was there thanks, Nick Chauffe. 468ci BBC. turbo400 trans. 4/6 drop. disk brakes. fuel cell under bed. shaved gas filler hole. 17x8/17x10 rims. camaro 10bolt rearend.


So, you stay late on a Sat. night to provide me with the right Spindles, then offer assistance over the phone with my "bleeding" problem while converting to Disc Brakes. What a God send you are, how did I get along without your help??? All is well with the '67 C-10 now - except it doesn't go fast - yet!

My daughter so liked the '67 that she bought a '66 S/B. Reckon you'll be hearing from us some more.

Thanks again, Tim and Leah

This is a word for word testimonial from a very satisfied customer, self-titled ,

" I Didn't Believe My Eyes!"

Some info on it, it's a '66 Fleetside, 283, PowerGlide PS, A/C, 244,000 miles (engine's never been opened, driven daily) Early Classic Disc Brake Conversion Kit, 2½" Drop Spindles, Drop Springs and Wheel Vintiques powder coated rally wheels.

This last week I started a project on my newly constructed home here in West Texas. Of which I had to have a front loader load a load of crushed limestone in the truck. Now I wouldn't recommend this to anyone that has restored a truck, only because it stripped the tailgate of paint in the process. But going into the quarry they weighed the truck on the scales, then I proceeded into the quarry where I waited in line with some dozen large dump trucks. After a slow process the gigantic front loader put a load of the crushed limestone in the truck, now it wasn't anywhere near filling up the bed, but it flattened out the truck a good deal.
Upon leaving I was surprised of what I didn't notice. Which was any unfavorable driving characteristics, in fact, heading back down the mountain to the scales it handled wonderfully. But not until I pulled to the scales was I thrown for a real surprise. Not wanting to completely bottom the truck out, we stopped loading just when it got level. Well that was only a couple of inches for the back to come down to be level with the front. But it was 1358 pounds of stone that did it. And it drove beautifully on the highway back to town. So much so that I decided to drop you guys a line and let you know how good a product you have.
I have attached a couple of photos of the truck, one is empty and the other is with 1358 pounds of crushed stone in the back. Note how little difference there is between the two.

Thanks again for such a good product, keep up the good work.
Sincerely, Sam

Then, we got another letter from Sam, here it is...

Dear Mr. Clark,

Once again your spring design has been tested to the limit. And once again, it works flawlessly.
I thought when I sent you the picture of the 1358 lbs of crushed limestone in the back, that that would be more than I'd ever care to carry in this 33 year old truck. But... I just got back from hauling 1550 pounds of slate pavers and again, the springs did great. (Now if I can only do as good laying them...)
The truck is at it's max, but it drives and handles like there was nothing back there. The guys that loaded it with a forklift about choked when they came to load it and saw that is was going in a heavily lowered '66 Chevy Fleetside. I laughed and said that I had your springs and brakes on it and they couldn't believe when they set that pallet down and it simply leveled the back with the front.
I don't recommend doing this everyday or over rough roads, but I just wanted to let you know once again what a great product you have and how happy I am I chose Early Classic.

Thanks again.
Take Care, Sam
"If You Park, Don't Drink, Accidents Cause People...

Dave and crew,

Just a picture of the pickup that you have spent a lot of time counseling and explaining how that works.

Another note, when you take it apart, put the parts together in bags, not in 1-5 gal. bucket. It was worth the effort. What a ride I now have. I recommend your parts supply always.

Thanks again for all of your moral support as well as the technical support.

Regards, Jimmy


Hope you had a great 4th.

Finished Product: 4" Leaf Spring Drop, 2½" Spindles And 1" Coil Spring Drop

Dear Dave,

Here is a picture of my '72. This is the first time out after the long hard winter in the garage and a lot of work made easy thanks to you, the 4" & 6" Drop worked nice. Thanks again.

Jimmy Price
Defiance, Ohio


Here is a little about my truck. It is a '72 Cheyenne Longbed, 3½" drop in the front with ECE spindles and springs, 5" drop in the rear with ECE 1¼" sway bar, 5" in ECE drop springs and shock re-locators with hidden hitch.

Thanks for the great product.

John Patricolo From Denver, CO

Dear Early Classic,

I would like to thank you very much for your quality parts and customer support. Your staff is very helpful and easy to talk to. Your parts arrive in a timely manner and are always packaged with care and the parts fit properly.
Here are some pictures of my '72 2WD Blazer. It has a 3/5 inch drop with 15x8's up front and 15x10's in back. It is equipped with Factory A/C, Tilt, & Tach. Fully restored with many Early Classic parts.

Thanks again,

Mark Mazzanti

Here are a couple pics of my '72 SWB. It has 2½" Drop Spindles & 1" Drop Springs up front and 6" Drop Springs in the rear with your Shock Repositioning Kit. Running 17x8 Telstars up front & 17x9½'s out back with BFG ZR40's all around.

After buying a few parts from the OTHER GUYS that didn't quite FIT, I got hold of you guys and as you can see it all fits. Thanks for the help.

Vern Fowler, Juneau, Alaska

P.S. I just bought a '72 Suburban. Can you put me in touch with Art??