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The premier manufacturer and distributor of quality suspension and restoration components for 1960-1972 GM pickups, blazers, panels and suburbans.


1965 Front End Rebuild Kit w/Manual Steering

SKU: 902-65RKM

Front End Rebuild Kits We’re proud to offer American Made front suspension components from Moog for your Classic Truck. In keeping with our quality requirements, we have chosen Moog to provide us with the best chassis components available. Beware of cheap imitations that don’t meet factory specifications and always ask who manufactures the parts you’re buying. Available in complete rebuild kits or by the piece, now you can start your restoration from the frame up.

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1965-72 Super Track Bar Kit

SKU: 912-6572TBK

When lowering the rear of a C-10 Truck, certain geometric changes occur that need to be corrected. For the rear suspension to perform properly, we pioneered the use of an Adjustable Panhard Bar on our Project ’72, as well as relocated rear shock mounts to correct mis-aligned geometry. With a rear drop of more than 5”, the stock panhard bar actually runs at an uphill angle to attach to the rear axle.

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1963-66 Front Sway Bar Kit (Lowered)

SKU: 902-5404L

Tired of chasing the front end of your Classic as it sways all over the road? Our '63-’66 Chevy and GMC Front Sway Bar Kit is just the answer to your handling problems. Each kit utilizes a 1¼-inch diameter bar, Graphite impregnated Polyurethane bushings, lowered frame mounts and all necessary hardware. One of the big problems with a lowered C-10 truck is that the stock front sway bar brackets drop down too low, which allows the bar to slam into every tall speed bump and parking curb.

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1963-70 C-10 2½" Drop Disc Brake Spindles

SKU: 911-6370

Drop Spindles achieve their lowered stance by relocating the spindle pin higher in the casting, which in turn lowers the vehicle by an equal amount. The stock spring and shock absorber travel remain untouched, leaving the factory suspension geometry intact. Gone are the harsh ride and alignment problems common with other forms of lowering. Early Classic Drop Spindles are the original '60-'72 Drop Spindles, and are machined to accept your original tie rods and ball joints (Disc Brakes required).

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