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The premier manufacturer and distributor of quality suspension and restoration components for 1960-1972 GM pickups, blazers, panels and suburbans.

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For those truck owners with the optional factory 1-1/16” front sway bar, we also offer a bushing set to upgrade from rubber to Graphite impregnated Polyurethane bushings. Each kit comes complete with graphite impregnated urethane bushings, new zinc plated mounting straps and hardware.  

1963-72 Front Sway Bar Frame Mount Brackets  for  Lowered applications.

1971-87 Front Disc Brake Rotor C-10 5-Lug (1 ¼" Thick) Each

1963-72 C10 Rear Leaf Spring U-Bolt Set 

1960-72 Rear Trailing Arm Bushings  (Poly-Graphite Upgrade) 

1960-72 Rear Trailing Arm Bushing Each (Ea) (Stock GM Rubber Replacement)

1960-66 Gas Tank Cover - Cardboard

1960-66 Sound Deadener (Tar Mat w/Foam Pad) 

1960-66 Felt Pad Set  (Under Carpet)

1967-72 Felt Pad Set Under Seat