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Dear Early Classic Enterprises Customers,

Early Classic is excited to announce we have joined the Holley family of brands. To all of our customers, we thank you tremendously for your continued patronage over the last 24 years and moving forward. You will soon be able to find all of your favorite Early Classic products, as well as new ones, at www.holley.com. Keep on Truckin’

Your friends at Early Classic Enterprises

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1963-72 Shock Kit 

(2 Front KYB Gas-A-Just Shocks, 2 Rear KYB Gas-A-Just Shock Absorbers, Shock Mount Relocator Kit)


Performance enthusiast? Want better handling, additional control and increased stability? Our KYB Gas-A-Just monotube self-adjusting shock provides a more responsive, firmer ride. 

1967-72 A/C Hose and Muffler With 134A Port (Each)

1962-72 Headlamp Relay Harness 

Connect this harness to your factory harness, battery and your headlamps. Drawing power from the battery to power the headlamps can make your headlamps brighter by increasing the operating voltage. This will also take the load off the factory harness, the headlight switch and dimmer switch potentially prolonging switch life and reducing the risk of shorts and fires. Brighter headlamps and peace of mind.

1967-72 Lower Steering Column Bracket


1967-72 A/C Center Dash Vent Mounting Studs (Pair)


1971-87 C-10 5-Lug 12" Front Disc Brake Rotors (Cross-Drilled & Slotted) 1 1/4" Pair 

1960-87 C-10 6-Lug 12" Front Disc Brake Rotors (Cross-Drilled & Slotted) Pair 

Early Classic Enterprises Gift Certificate $100

Early Classic Enterprises Gift Certificate $25


 1963-72 Disc Brake Power Booster (9" Dual Diaphragm), Master Cylinder and Prop Valve Kit