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Dear Early Classic Enterprises Customers,

Early Classic is excited to announce we have joined the Holley family of brands. To all of our customers, we thank you tremendously for your continued patronage over the last 24 years and moving forward. You will soon be able to find all of your favorite Early Classic products, as well as new ones, at Keep on Truckin’

Your friends at Early Classic Enterprises

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Early Classic 4" & 6" Drop Kit, mouldings, side turn signals
502 crate engine, 700 R4 transmission

Hello There,
I don't remember who I talked to on the 'net, but it was about 6 months ago. I promised a picture and some info on my '72 Short Bed. Sorry it took so much time, but finally I had a chance to do it.

My name is Efren Flores Jr., and have had 5 years with my truck. I beefed it with a 502 crate engine, 700 R4 tranny, Ford 9" rear end, Hooker headers, paint job, your 4"-6" drop kit, mouldings, side turn signals, etc. I'm really impressed with my pickup, it's not as slick as yours but I guess it's pretty fair. It's running on 17" Centerlines with BFG tires.

So it has been a pleasure having your parts and service, and thank you for everything, hope your workers, boss, manager, etc. enjoy hearing from their honest customers. So I hope to hear from you all soon and to see any new catalog you've come out with, the one I have is the '99 one. If I have to pay for a new one send me the bill with it. I'll be glad to receive it. (There's one on the way to you, and they are free!)

Well, it has come to the end but my Early Classic spirit is always on!

Efren Flores, Mission, Texas

These are some pics of my little hotrod. Thanks for letting me display these on your website!


First I would like to express my sincere appreciation to each of you for your professional help in lowering my '72 Chevy Super Cheyenne, it is now a "Real Touch of Class".

Your courteous and friendly help on the telephone and the professional manner in which you shipped my parts makes your company stand out above the rest and you are to be commended for a job well done.
Enclosed are some pictures, maybe you can show my truck as one of your customers or use it anyway you like.

Thanks again for a job well done and for the excellent parts.

Bob Dean


Here is a picture of my '72. Thanks for working with me to pick the correct drop kit for my application.

The truck rides great and handles like a slot car.

I went with the 2½" drop in front and 5" in the rear. The truck has a ZZ3 motor with a 700R4 trans.
The 15 x 8 rims are mounted with 245/60/15 in front and 275/60/15 in the rear.

Don Connelly
San Jose, CA

2 speed PowerGlide, Factory Air Conditioning

Dear Dave,

I thought I would drop a few lines to tell you that the brake lines and front brake hoses worked fine on my truck. I am sending a better picture of my truck for your Reader's Rides column. Maybe it is clear enough.

I would like to tell your readers that if they are thinking about buying from another source, they will be making a big mistake. I think Early Classic Enterprises is the best on the market today.

It's the easiest and most simple bolt on installation that I have ever seen. Everything fits perfect and is top quality.

The 4" & 6" Drop was perfect for my Custom Cab '66 Chevy truck.

I would also like to say that the 2½" Drop Spindles & 1½" Front Springs worked fine, and the Super Track Bar Kit did also.

Thank you so much for all your help,
Tim Coble

Dave Clark,

Just wanted to take a minute to drop you some pictures of my Truck. Your company helped me a lot finding parts I wanted and needed to do my project. Your suspension components have got to be the best.

This truck is a real pleasure to drive. The tailgate I purchased from you was a real find. I could not ask for a cleaner piece of sheetmetal. My wife and I have taken the truck to several cruise nights and what an attention getter. The second night out with it we got a plaque for cruiser of the week, that's a good feeling after a year of hard work. Once again thank you for all the helpful info and parts.

I will recommend your company highly to anyone I know building a C-10.

A Very Happy Customer, Phillip Clark, West Monroe, NY

I was not able to send these photos digitally so I thought I would send a few the old fashion way. We have talked a few times and I wanted you to see how the truck was coming along. The only thing I have left to do is shoot the bed floor with that rhino lining, hopefully that will take care of the small dents. The rest of the bed is perfect. I included one picture of my next project, the '72.
Thanks for all your help on this project, having the right parts made things a lot easier.

Best Regards,
Dave Chavez
Laveen, AZ


Here is a picture I promised you of my '72 Cheyenne. This truck has been a part of my life since December of '94. I have been replacing parts as needed to keep it in top mechanical condition.
For years I looked for a place to find parts for my Chevy. I ran across your add and you sent me a catalog.
After viewing your catalog and the prices within... I came to the conclusion that your store is the right place for my restoration needs,
...Also, I would like to give a big THUMBS UP to all your staff for the technical support you have given me over the last 7 months. When my truck is through I would proudly display you Business logo on my truck.

Thanks again for the Quality parts you have sent me.
Your Customer,
David Carter
Polk , Missouri

Just wanted to take a minute to thank Early Classics for helping make my truck look great. I am very happy with the parts, service and quality. I think I spoke and worked with Dave, but thanks to all who made this possible.

Attached is a picture of my '72 Cheyenne, fresh out of the shop with a 402BB, TH400. The trucks rides on the complete Drop Package from Early Classic, 6" Drop out back with 275/60/15 on 15x8 rally's and 4.5" in the front with 235/60/15 on 15x7 rally's (I deviated a little with your 2½" Spindle and a 2" Spring). So far I haven't had any clearance problems, I'll keep my fingers crossed.

I've had several people ask me about the drop, and I don't hesitate to recommend your product.

Regards, Alex Bush, Account Executive, ENCOMPASS ALL SYSTEMS GO!

Here are some pictures of my truck you can select from for your customer's truck section. I used your front disk brake kit, lowering springs, 4" in the rear and 1½" in the front, nitro gas shocks, a power brake booster and a front sway bar.

Everything worked very well and I appreciated your prompt customer service when needed. Your truck was the inspiration for mine and I couldn't be happier the way things turned out.

Rick and Shelley