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Dear Early Classic Enterprises Customers,

Early Classic is excited to announce we have joined the Holley family of brands. To all of our customers, we thank you tremendously for your continued patronage over the last 24 years and moving forward. You will soon be able to find all of your favorite Early Classic products, as well as new ones, at www.holley.com. Keep on Truckin’

Your friends at Early Classic Enterprises

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Disc Brake Components

1960-72 C10 Disc Brake Banjo Bolt

1967-72 Power Brake Rod Firewall Boot

1960-87 C10 Disc Brake Spindle Castle Nut

1960-87 Disc Brake Spindle Slotted Washer 

1960-70 C10 Disc Brake Conversion Hoses

1971-'87 C-10 Disc Brake Backing Plate Vibration Rings (Pair)

1967-70 C10 Rear Brake Hose

1971-72 Rear Brake Hose (Coil Spring)

1971-87 Front Disc Brake Rotor C-10 5-Lug (1 ¼" Thick) Each

1971-72 C10 Braided Stainless Steel Brake Hose Set